MidPrompts - Your Midjourney Prompt Generator for Chrome

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🚀 Hy Creatives, Designer & Midjourney Enthusiast

Welcome to a complete new way of effortless MidJourney prompt creation! 

MidPrompts - Your Midjourney Prompt Generator for Chrome.

A Chrome extension designed to revolutionize the way you craft your Midjourney Prompts on Discord. With an array of innovative features, MidPrompts is your go-to tool for a seamless and personalized experience in MidJourney prompt creation.

ğŸŽ¨ Your personalized & license free Image Library

Setup your brand or job related Topics/Scenes to produce unique & license free Image Assets that fit your creative imagination. Everything you can /imagine is just a click away.

📸 Keep Track of your Prompts - With Prompt Snapshots

Happy with your prompt? Just save and keep it. Scrolling through Discord to find older Prompts could be a real pain. Instead keep track of all your Ideas, Topics, Themes, etc. so you can focus more on other important things - Creating creative assets.

⏰ Huge Timesaver - No repetitive Prompt Writing!

MidPrompts is your time-saving Chrome extension, streamlining the process and allowing you to focus on what truly matters – Mindblowing Midjourney prompts.

ğŸŽ¨ Fully Customizable - Your Style, Your Prompt!

Take control of your creativity with MidPrompts. Every aspect is fully customizable, allowing you to craft prompts that align perfectly with your unique style and preferences.

🚀 Made for Creatives - 12 Presets, 300 Parameters!

MidPrompts comes equipped with 12 presets and 300 predefined parameters, giving all Creatives & Designers full flexibility and variety in their prompt creation.

⏳ 60 Minutes Trial - Only real Usage Counts!

You want to give MidPrompts a try? You get 60 Minutes without Limits. Good news! The timer only ticks when you're actively using the plugin, so find out if MidPrompts works for you.

ğŸŽ¯ Easy-to-Use Interface - Clear, Focused, and Efficient!

MidPrompts boasts a super easy interface, ensuring that generating prompts becomes a breeze. Dive into your creative flow without the hassle.

💳 One-time Payment - Lifetime License:

Say goodbye to subscription hassles. MidPrompts offers a one-time payment for a lifetime license, ensuring you have uninterrupted access to creativity.


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MidPrompts - Your Midjourney Prompt Generator for Chrome

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