FigMagic - The magical Page Builder for Figma - 2023 ready

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Set up new projects and create state of the art UI Designs in Figma with ease.

FigMagic is a new and magical way for Freelancer, Startups or Agencies to set up Figma projects for new clients or projects and build high quality and state of the Art UI Designs with ease and fun.

Deeply based on all the great new features of Figma - FigMagic became one of the most powerful Figma UI Kits on the market in 2022.

FigMagic is coming with a lot of great features:

  • Dark or Light side with just one toggle

  • Endless possible variations based on nested components

  • 70+ fully responsive and super flexible components

  • Set up a new brand in a few minutes

  • Mobile variations for Components and Fontstyles

  • Pixel perfect based on 8px rule

  • Wireframe Mode with just 1 step.

  • Interactive components like Dropdowns, checkboxes, etc.

  • Super fun and lightning fast to build modern state of the art UI Designs

  • From an well experienced UI & UX Designer with 20+ years experience

  • Super organized Asset Area

  • Regular updates

  • Super easy to customize

Working with FigMagic is more Fun than work believe me :)

I hope you give FigMagic a try for your next project. Just think about what you could do with the time you will save :)

More infos on:

If anything comes up or you have any kind of problem make sure to reach out on:

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FigMagic - The magical Page Builder for Figma - 2023 ready

2 ratings
I want this!